The ideal family is a heaven of happiness - Author Unknown

A boy had a quarrel with his parents and ran away from home. He had a hard life and spent several years in a distant city without any contact with his family. Later he wanted to return and reconcile with his family. But he was reluctant to return as he feared that his parents and siblings may not welcome him.

After much meditation, he sent a letter to his father expressing his desire to return home and begging his pardon for deserting his family. In his letter he asked his father to tie a white ribbon on the tree near his house by the side of  the railway line if he was ready to welcome him back to his home. He would then see the signal through the window of the train, alight from the train at the next station and come home. He added that if he did not see the ribbon on the tree, he would assume that his family did not like his return and then he would go away from them forever.
                          He boarded the train as informed and his tension grew tremendously as the train approached his native land. As the train passed by his house, he could not believe his eyes. The tree was fully decorated with hundreds of white ribbons which danced in the wind as if to wave him welcome. This showed how much they longed for his return.

His loving family did not want him to miss the sight of the ribbon, the signal of welcome. So they did not limit to a single ribbon which he may fail to notice. They gladly covered the whole tree with hundreds of ribbons to reflect their whole-hearted happiness and willingness to welcome him back to their home.

God created man in His image. He then instituted the 'family' in the image of heaven. The ideal family is a heaven of happiness.

This incident indicates the warm welcome a sinner receives when he repents and returns to God. When we move one step towards God, He moves two steps towards us, eager to embrace us. The loving Lord showers His infinite affection on a repenting sinner.a