Whoever desires may come to me - Author Unknown

In the country of Thailand is a statue of the Buddha that is ten feet tall and made of solid gold. Estimates of its worth range around $200 million. But for many centuries, no one knew this statue's worth. When the Burmese invaded Thailand many centuries ago, it is believed that the Thai villagers covered the Buddha statue with layers of mud so that the Burmese wouldn't steal it. It wasn't until 1957, when workers tried to move the statue to a new location that the mud began to fall away and reveal the true nature of the statue. For centuries, no one had known its true value.

True, this statue of Buddha, while of great monitory value, in and of itself is worse than worthless in spiritual value; for the only one who can ever forgive sins and grant eternal life and a home in heaven is Jesus Christ.

However, what happened to this statue is a vivid illustration of what God can do for you and me. He sees beyond our outer covering and can take a sin-scarred life—no matter what shape or condition it is in—and make something beautiful out of it if we will come to him through Jesus and surrender our life to his will and control. As Jesus said, "Whoever desires may come to me."