Turn off TV Week - Author Unknown

According to Chuck Colson in BreakPoint, "When Edward Bello committed his most recent crime, he expected to go to prison. Instead, the judge sentenced him to nine months with no television. He said he wanted 'to create a condition of silent introspection' in order to induce Bello to change his behavior.

"Belo's lawyers were outraged. They appealed on the grounds that making Bello keep his seven TV sets turned off is 'cruel and unusual punishment'—and thus violates the Constitution."

Can you believe it? Astounding! What has our society become? Not watching television is supposed to be "cruel and unusual punishment!"

While television is an incredible means of communication and does have some very uplifting, educational, and inspiring programs, you have to search to find them as most of the programming glorifies illicit sex, violence, instant gratification, easy divorce and no end of trash. Even some of the religious programming with its glitz, glitter and phony spirituality is incredibly embarrassing!

At times (in the U.S.A.) it is "Turn off TV Week," and it's probably a good idea to turn your TV off for the week, but it's much more critical always to guard what we watch and what we allow our children to watch. This is because constant repetition of any type of programming programs the unconscious mind and one's belief system. For example, if I constantly watch illicit sex, I will gradually come to accept it and then believe that it is acceptable, and so believing sets me up to act it out! That's how so much wretched and irresponsible TV is helping to shape the beliefs, practices, and the ever-decaying morals of our society.

Even Jesus said that if your eye offends you, better to pluck it out. In other words, we need to be very careful what we watch and allow our minds to meditate on. For if we meditate (let our minds dwell on) good, we will act accordingly, and if we meditate on sin and evil, we will also act accordingly. Let us never forget that what the mind dwells on, the body acts on! And as David said to God, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against You." 
- Psalm 119:11