The Eyes.... That Watches! - Author Unknown

Michael and Anne were alone in the house. Michael said to Anne: " Come along to find something good." Anne replied: replied: "If you take me where nobody will see us, then I shall come very willingly." "Then," continued Michael, "we shall go to the dairy and there we can drink a whole cup of cream and no one will see us." "Oh, no! Exclaimed Anne, "the woodcutter can see us from the road."

"Let us go to the kitchen, then," said her brother, "in the Cupboard there is a big bottle of honey." "There we can be seen by the woman next door works near the window," answered Anne.

" Then, let us go the basement to eat those good apples." said Michael, "it is very dark there and nobody will see us."

But his sister said: "My dear Michael, do you believe that nobody will see us there? Don't you realize that there is a heavenly eye in the darkest of places?"

Michael became afraid and said: "You are right, dear sister, God can see us in every place, even in those places where no human eye can see. Therefore we shall not do any evil.