Nike! Victory! - Author Unknown

As one author wrote, "Nike" is a name that interests me. We are told that before the time of Jesus there were also terrible wars. When an invading army approached a city, the defenders would go out to face the army.

If there was defeat, the men would be killed or enslaved, the women would be abused, families would be torn apart, and children would be sold as slaves. The people in the city had no way of knowing the news of the battle except by a message carried by a runner. If there was defeat, he tore his clothes, put on ashes and cried, "Woe, woe, defeat." People would try to get away but rarely could.

When there was victory, the runner would be stripped to the waist. He carried a palm branch in his hand. As he ran, perspiration would cover his body. He would be shining in the late afternoon sun. People knew the message even before he arrived. He would run through the city gates and cry, "Nike! Nike!" Nike means victory. The runner was shouting, "Victory! Victory!"

Because of the resurrection of Jesus, this is a time of putting on our running shoes and shouting, "Victory! Victory!" In our lesson from Peter today, we read about "inexpressible joy." That is what Jesus' resurrection brings us—inexpressible joy. Nike. Victory.