Christ's Promise to Come Again - Author Unknown

Max Lucado tells how, in 1989, a terrible earthquake in Armenia killed 30,000 people. Among those uninjured were a man and his wife. Their son was in an elementary school that collapsed. The father rushed to the school. He had always told Armon that he would come for him if he was ever in trouble. He worked intensely removing debris trying to find Armon and after thirty-eight hours he
heard his child's voice and with the help of other workers freed Armon and the other children.

Armon said, "I told them you would come because you had promised. I told them you would always be there for me. I knew you would return." 

Just as Armon's father promised his son he would always come for him, even more certain is Jesus' promise to his followers. His first coming to earth is an indisputable fact of history. His second coming for his followers is just as certain as he promised that if he went back to heaven, he would come back to earth again to take us to be with him forever. And as every prophecy in the Old Testament regarding Christ's first coming was fulfilled in minutest detail, we
can be just as certain that every promise concerning his second coming in the New Testament will also be fulfilled in minutest detail.
The important thing is to be ready for him, as Jesus also said, "So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man [Jesus] will come at an hour when you do not expect him." - Matthew 24:44