A War Time Prayer - Author Unknown

Ravi Zacharias shares how, "At the historic Amsterdam Conference for Itinerant Evangelists in 1986, a renowned Korean speaker, Billy Kim, told the story of an American soldier hiding in a bunker during the Korean War. When his commander ordered him to rescue some of his fallen mates on the front lines, the soldier nodded his head, took a covert glance at his watch, stalled till his commanding officer was out of sight, and simply made no move. Several minutes went by, and a colleague reminded him of his rescue assignment. Again he looked at his watch and delayed. Finally, he leaped out of the bunker and fearlessly began carrying his compatriots to safety.

"At the end of the day, a friend asked him to explain his actions. The soldier
said, 'I was afraid because I knew I was not ready to die. I waited until my
fear would be overcome—remembering that at a certain time every hour my mother had said she would pray for me. Then I knew that no matter what awaited me, I could face it.'"

Prayer does matter. Prayer does change things. Prayer is a powerful means of connecting to God of the eternal. How thankful I am for all who pray daily for me and the Daily Dose Devotional ministry. How thankful I am that I can pray every day for my loved ones and commit and trust them to God and his care. And how thankful many a serviceman / woman is that every day loved ones and friends at home are also praying for them.

And as wars and acts of terrorism continue, and as Christians in various parts of the world are being persecuted and killed, let us pray faithfully for God's care for all his children, and that the day of Christ's return will hasten so that in God's time all wars, suffering, sickness and starvation, will finally be ended forever. Pray, too, that everyone in the world will have the opportunity to hear the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and accept God's forgiveness and eternal life.