One of the Least of These - by Barbara Rasco - True Story

“And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40

Mom, as she has grown older…wiser…and continues to live in the extreme heat of the desert southwest summers, has learned to dress and keep herself very comfortable and simple. Her normal attire for her weekly shopping trip to Wal-Mart includes a big floppy hat to hold down her “God’s will” hair, dark sunglasses that nearly conceal her entire face, no make-up, a way over sized pastel t-shirt, her favorite white baggy “comfy-waist” pants and an old pair of stretched-out tennis shoes. The only bit of jewelry she wears, lovely only to her, adorns her wrist; her beloved dad’s old, hideously big watch that she was wearing the night he was called home to glory.
One hot summer Sunday morning Mom’s pastor issued a challenge from the pulpit to the congregation. He asked that each one step out of their “comfort zone” during the week and reach out to “one of these." With a prayerful spirit and a willing heart Mom watched and waited on the Lord to lead her to such an opportunity; and He was faithful to do just that while on one of her visits to Wal-Mart!
As she walked into the store she noticed a man who was sitting just inside the door…out of the blazing sun’s heat…but also out of the way of the hundreds of customers that came through the big automatic doors into the cool air-conditioning to do their shopping. It was quite obvious that this man could be numbered among the “one of these”—unknown, unseen, poor, despised and afflicted. Mom recognized this man as her opportunity to share and offer kindness. As she approached him timidity overcame her. She thought to herself, "If he's still here when I walk out of the store I will offer him some money for lunch." Sure enough, after she had crossed every item off of her list, checked out and began to walk out the door there he was, in the exact same spot. "Maybe, it would be easier if I take my groceries and purse out to the truck first. I will return the cart, if he's still here, I will then offer him a little money for lunch." She pushed her cart of groceries across the blistering pavement, removed a crinkled five dollar bill from her wallet, tossed her purse into the sweltering cab, unloaded the cart and rolled it back up to the store…and there he was. Again, feeling a little apprehensive she decided, "I will go back to the truck and if he's still here when I drive by and there is a parking spot up close to the front door, I will stop and offer him this five dollar bill to buy some lunch." God, still faithful and ever-patient in giving Mom her desired chance, provided an open parking space right in the very front. Mom peered into the glass enclosure and yes, the man was still there. She pulled into the narrow space and parked; she stepped out of her truck and out of her comfort zone. Cautiously, she approached the man and demurely asked of him, “Sir, do you have any money for lunch?” The sweet elderly man slowly stood to his feet, pulled the insides out of each of his front pockets and said, “No ma’am. I’m sorry; I don’t have any money to give to you.”
Taken aback for just a moment, Mom quickly made her intentions clear and he gratefully accepted her small gift. Mom drove off shouting loudly to herself and to the Lord, “Thank you Jesus, for letting me have such fun!”
Knowing that the obviously penniless man would have given her his last dime, if he had one, left Mom feeling as if she had received the greater blessing by far that day.

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to "one of the least of these." You will not only be a blessing you will receive a blessing!

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