Thoughts On A Boiled Egg - Author Unknown

One day recently, an egg I had boiled for my breakfast evoked my
sense of awe. I wondered how anyone could behold the perfection of its shape, the beauty of its construction, and the promise of life
within, and yet fail to see the hand of God the Creator at work.

The shell is so thin, yet of a consistent, precise thickness that
protects the new life, or the nutritious food within. Yet it is only
when the shell is broken from within by the emerging chick, or
purposely broken from without to feed and sustain life, that its true
value and usefulness can be appreciated. If left untouched, it
eventually spoils and is cast aside.

The hatching chick must crack open the shell to enter its new world. I also need to break the resistance of my human self-
sufficient "shell" by acknowledging my fallen nature and by inviting
God's Holy Spirit into my heart to change me from within, so that I
can enter the new world of His Spirit. God stands at the door of our
hearts, awaiting our response. Inviting God's Holy Spirit into our
hearts is a matter of choice, for God Himself gave us the gift of
free will.

An egg needs to be fertilized in order to become a living creature.
Likewise, through the mysterious power of God's Holy Spirit at work within me, I can become a new creature. With the Holy Spirit's help the gifts and skills God has graciously bestowed upon each of us may then be used in His service.