Keep Your "Anger Tank" Empty

According to a report in the John Hopkins Family Health report, "If you have a tendency to anger easily, you may be at increased risk for a heart attack or stroke—especially if you have heart disease or significant heart disease risk factors. Other tip-offs that anger may be undermining your health include being stubborn, impatient, or
hotheaded, and habitually feeling like you want to hit someone or something."

Anger, too, is a great destroyer of relationships. It's no wonder
that the Bible teaches us to resolve it quickly—the same day wherever possible. Being angry is not a sin. It's what we do with it that counts. The Bible also teaches, "Be angry, sin not." - Ephesians 4:26. One way to do this is to "speak the truth in love."

Some well-meaning people want to blame the devil or a "demon of
anger." Not so with me. My anger is my problem. But when I fail to resolve it (or any other pent-up negative emotion) I give a "foothold to the devil." When I resolve my anger, the devil loses his foothold.

People who have a super-sensitive anger button usually have
unresolved anger from the past with an "anger tank" that is filled to
overflowing. The slightest offense can trigger an outburst of hurtful
anger. They've been nursing grudges for a long time. This is what the Bible teaches us not to do. That is, "don't sin by nursing your
grudge." Where this is a problem, very often qualified counseling is
needed to help resolve it.

Unresolved anger is unhealthy physically, emotionally, relationally,
and spiritually. This is why the Bible teaches, "Don't let the sun go
down on your anger. Resolve and get over it quickly."