Testimony of a Father - by - jesh4JC

I am the Lord who heals you. (Exodus 15:26) 


This is the testimony of a Pastor about his daughter who visited our church recently. The incident occured about two decades back. The pastor was working earnestly for the Lord. His daughter got married and was having a 2 year old baby then. Suddenly one day they came to know that the pastor's daughter has got a tumor in one of her breast. They got it examined and came to know that she was having breast cancer. She prayed to God and took a strong decision that she won't be going for any further medical procedures for her disease because she strongly believed that the Almighty God is a supernatural healer. Gradually, days passed by and so the disease was also spread. Soon she got bedridden and stayed unconcious most of the time. One morning the pastor got up early and went to her daughter's room. He sat on her bed beside her and started praying silently. Suddenly she opened her eyes and asked him to come closer as she wanted to talk to him. In a whispering voice she said, "Father are you planning to take me to the hospital, if so please don't do that. I'm not willing, as I know our God is a great healer and He will surely heal me; and if He will not heal also, I am not going to change my decision." On hearing this the pastor said that he has to give answer to her husband's family and to all. So he want to take her to the hospital. She replied, "You can take me, but before that you have to promise me one thing; after you hospitalise me you will not take bible and go around preaching God's words and that you will not pray for any sick person. When you are having so less faith in God in your hard time how can you then pray for others in their hard time?" The pastor was moved so much on hearing this that he took a firm decision that he won't be even thinking of taking her to the hospital anymore. He promised her that he will be praying for her faithfully. Gradually they noticed that she was recovering from her disease. The breast that was got degenerated by the disease was started to be healed and gradually it was made whole. Within one year she was completely healed. After a long gap the Almighty God blessed her womb and she gave birth to her second child. God blessed her so generously that she was able to feed her newborn with that very breast that got degenerated years back and which was made whole by our loving God. Isn't this a wonderful testimony. Our doubtless faith can do miraculous things in our life. God is always ready to help us. A little unbelief hidden in our heart can nullify the effect of a great faith. So the first thing to do is to recognise the hidden unbelief in us and then to throw it out completly. Our God is greater, He is higher than any other. Nothing can be compared with His mighty and wonderful works.

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