Desperate for God - by Mary T mackey - True story

The following is a testimony of what happened to me in the last quarter of 2010. It is so powerful and has been weighing on my heart that I felt lead to share it:

In October I had 3 horrible migraine headaches that sent me to the emergency room. I was administered up to 3 morphine injections each time then released. I had to see my doctor for a follow up visit, then the neurologist. They put me on powerful medications. 
Then I had to do another follow up visit with my doctor, and told him about this severe pain I was having in my throat - especially when I swallowed and that I felt a lump in my throat.
His eyes expressed much concern as he probed my throat. He sent me to have an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, the Lord began to give me an overflowing of His peace as the technician took not only 10 images but 50 and was also looking at my lymph nodes. I knew that something was certainly wrong. Her response to my visit was "you will certainly be hearing from your doctor soon." 
When the doctor and stated, "we found hot & cold lesions and a mass on your thyroid. It may be cancer" I had already known what could be coming as the Lord was moving on me. But I still had such an incredible peace. Immediately after that call, a phrase "The Word" kept mulling through me, almost pushing me to sit at my computer and see what the message was. And so I did. This is the message the Lord God, Creator of Heaven & earth gave me:


They say that I am the "S" word (sick)
I might have the "C" word (cancer)
With Cancer comes the "F" word (fear)
Fear of the final "D" word (death).

But I know the One True Living "G" Word (God)-
THE WORD! That became flesh
And dwelt among us, "T" word (tabernacled)
My Savior, and my Hope, Jesus Christ

Because of Him, I have the "P" word (peace)
Which passes all understanding
I have the unwavering "F" word (faith)
Knowing that all things work for the good

I can be the "B" word (bold)
Because the battle is His not mine
I can be of good "C" word (courage)
Because He has won the victory

He is my Strength, and my "S" word (song)
My King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
My Comforter, Healer and my "D" word (deliverer)
He is my Rock, my Sword and my Shield

I have His Light of the glorious "G" word (gospel)
To shine into a dark and dying world
I have Christ in me the hope of "G" word (glory)
All for His glory, forever for His glory

So come what may, the "N" word (nothing)
shall separate me from the love of God
For His WORDs are True and the "F" word (faithful)
He will never leave me nor forsake me

To the ALPHA and Omega, Beginning and the End
The Everlasting Father, and the Great I AM
THE WORD of God, the Counselor
Prince of Peace, Lion and the Lamb

Unto the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY alone
Who is Holy and worthy
Be glory, honor and praise
Now and forever Amen.

Given to me my the Most High God - only typed with my hands.

The poem poured out of me and was complete in 5 minutes. I altered it not one bit. But shook under the power of the Living God, glorifying Him, worshiping Him with tears running down my face.
Then I looked up cold & hot lesions and "mass" - all pointing to cancer. But the Lord already overflowed me with peace. I was going to college full time, working part time at 2 different jobs and was determined that even if they had to take my thyroid out then had to have chemo & radiation, that I was still going to go to school, work, etc even if it meant wearing my jammies and the most beautiful scarf over my bald head. :D Or, if when they had to remove my thyroid I wouldn't be able to talk, the Lord God would give me another means of communication - can we hear instant healing? or possibly an instant capability to sign? Or, there's always white boards right? Nothing was going to stop me from praising God!
Also, there were three possible outcomes of this: 1) I could go through the surgery, chemo, and radiation and still loose the battle, 2) I could go through the surgery, chemo & radiation and be healed, 3) I could be instantly and gloriously healed. No matter the outcome, I had perfect peace and a determination to glorify My Lord & God no matter what.

Shortly after that, I was invited to a women's weekend with one of my friends. Friday evening had many specials but one group of 3 women got up to do their special but something didn't work - the music so they sat back down. This happened 2 times. The final time they got up, the song Because of Who You are by Vicki Yohe came on and the ladies SIGNED the song. I was so cut to the spirit that I wept knowing that the Lord gave me this word. I fell on my face before the Living God, and people flocked to the altar.
The next morning, a visiting pastor preached about the women in the Bible but said that she continually heard "Get ready, Get ready, Get ready." After her sermon, the service turned into a time of testimony. The Lord had continually been working on me about sharing His poem. But I waited, asking if this truly was His will. Finally, at the last moment, I asked if I could share my testimony and shared about my migraines, the doctor's findings and the poem the Lord gave me. I stated again, that no matter what I was going to praise my Jesus.

After the service many people approached me thanking me for my testimony as it touched their hearts. Praise God! But then a beautiful black woman came to me, tears running down her face saying, "you wrote that poem for me. I have thyroid cancer, just had my thyroid removed and have to go through radiation and chemo. You see, the Lord's been calling me into the ministry but with this, my husband and I have been distraught. This is the Lord's answer. You wrote this just for me." Oh, how moved I was, I can't tell you how the Lord blessed me and burdened me for this beautiful woman of God.

After having more intense ultrasounds and x-rays, my doctor called me up laughing and saying, "I don't know who you know," before He could say more, I said, "I KNOW THE LIVING GOD!" My doctor continued laughing saying "You must because the cold & hot lesions and mass that we found are completely gone!"

Glory to God, praise the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Be blessed dear friends ♥

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