Carry The Entire Jigsaw To God - Lajan Miranda

It was December and Christmas was round the corner. Alvin was very excited because just a couple of days after Christmas he would celebrate his birthday. He was sure of getting at least one gift from his mother. It was Christmas Eve and the festivities began. Alvin got a new dress, a Christmas crib and some Christmas gifts from his Christmas friends but, the elusive birthday gift which he was looking forward to was still a couple of days away.

Finally the D-day arrived and Alvin waited with bated breath trying to guess what his mother would give him this time. Would it be one of those boring cars, nay! not again, may be another soft toy he thought or would it be another story book? The suspense was getting to be unbearable. Finally his mother planted a kiss on his cheek after wishing him and handed over the birthday gift. Alvin could wait no longer; he hurried into his bedroom and quickly unwrapped the gift.

He was amused to find that his mother had given him something totally different this time – it was a jigsaw puzzle. Alvin was supposed to piece the jigsaw together. Try hard as he did, he could not piece the jigsaw together and he spent most of the day running to his mother with the different pieces. Each time he ran to his mother, his mother sent him back and made him bring the entire jigsaw to her so that she could explain it to him and let him try his hand on it once more.

Our life is a wonderful yet complicated jigsaw pieced together very intricately by Jesus and the various pieces are our health, family, relationships, possessions, career, ministries etc. What we try to do when faced with a problem in any of these areas is that we try to pull out that particular piece from the entire jigsaw and take it to God instead of carrying the whole jigsaw to him. To make our life wholesome God wants us to surrender our entire life to him.