Why spoil his innocence? - Author Unknown

While attending a family gathering, a precocious three-year-old child slapped his hands on my lap, pointed to the staircase to the bedrooms, and announced, "I can count all the stairs!"

Enthused, I said, "How many are there?" To my amazement, he immediately left and clomped up and down the entire flight. When he finished, he rushed back to tell me, "There are 15 going up and 14 coming down!"

You and I know there had to be the same number of steps each way. But he was so unashamed. Why spoil his innocence? His self-confidence held much more appeal.

God, too, must have appreciated the naiveté of the first man and woman. They had no idea they were naked, and God saw no reason to inform them. Why spoil their innocence?

God loves innocence, because the innocent require his guidance. Whether or not everyone realizes it, all people stand naked before God. He knows everything we feel, think, say, and do. Our repentance of and his forgiveness of our sins through Christ restores our innocence and dependence.

Christ's death on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins also proves that God loves us even more than I love that stair-clomping child.