Story of Two Monks

The story or legend is told how two monks, when traveling back to their monastery in inclement  weather, came to the fjord of a river.   There they met a young woman who was afraid to cross the river.   Seeing her dilemma one of the monks offered to carry her across the river on his back which offer she accepted.

Later that evening the monk who didn't help the young lady accused the monk who did of breaking the rules of their monastic order. "You know we are to have no dealings with the opposite sex," he said, "and you were wrong in doing what you did."

To which the other monk quietly replied, "I carried her only across the river. You are carrying her still."

When we fail to resolve our anger and keep nursing our grudges, we not only give a "mighty foothold to the devil," but we also hurt ourselves, damage our physical well-being, and do serious harm to our close relationships. As another has said, when we nurse our grudges
and fail to forgive those who have hurt us, "It's like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die."

So … is there anything you are still carrying? Any grudges … resentments … bitterness … hurts … unresolved grief? If so, I urge you to follow the advice of the scriptures … resolve these issues right away. And, if necessary, see a qualified counselor to help you to do so.