Mysterious Ways of God - Story of Mary, an English nurse

Patricia Saint John wrote about Mary, an English nurse who at the
time was working in a mission clinic in an Arab country. "One morning
she and her assistant, Fatima, needed to travel eight miles to
another village. They caught a bus that was going in their direction.
But after a few miles, the bus driver passed their stop and kept on
driving. The bus driver ignored the women's pleas to return to the
road that led to their village. Mary became upset, but Fatima
remained calm, recalling their morning prayers asking for God's

"Finally, the bus stopped at the foot of a hill, many miles from
Mary's and Fatima's homes. At this stop, there was an old woman with
a baby in her arms. She walked up to Mary and presented the baby to
her. The poor child had a severe eye infection and needed immediate
medical attention to save her eyes.

"Mary asked the old woman how she knew to find help here, so far from
the main village. The old woman replied that a man had come to her in
a dream and told her that the English nurse would be waiting at the
end of this road the next day. Mary and Fatima had made no plans to
come anywhere near this village. They couldn't have anticipated that
a rude bus driver would leave them many miles from their designated
stop. Yet God had told this desperate woman where to find them. Mary
treated the baby's eyes; within days the infection was gone. Later,
Mary and Fatima had the opportunity to give their Christian testimony
to many people in that village because of their meeting with the old
woman and the baby."