Making Use of What You Have - A Story of the famous comedian , Jimmy Durante

At the close of World War II, Jimmy Durante, the famous comedian, was
invited to entertain wounded soldiers at a veteran's hospital. He said he would be able to do only one very short routine as he had two radio shows to do that day.

The man who invited him was amazed when Durante didn't rush off but
gave three complete routines.

"Why did you stay so long," the man asked, "you've probably missed
your radio shows?" Durante answered, "Look at the men and you will
see for yourself."

There on the front row were two men, each of whom had lost an arm,
who were applauding by clapping their two remaining hands together."

Whether we have little or much doesn't matter in God's economy. What
we do with what we have is what counts with him. When we bring what
little we have and give that to God for him to use in his plans—and
work together—God can do great things with and through us.