Light Opposite Darkness

The artist clipped a blank paper to the easel and sat the child across from him near the edge of the pier. Soon he was sketching an oval for the position of her head. He sketched broad arcs to position her eyes and nose. After that, he penciled in shadows. As he darkened the shadows, the girl's nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin emerged from the paper. Within minutes, the little girl's three-dimensional likeness and expression was frozen in time on a flat sheet of paper.

The artist used shadow to create a likeness of the child. The unshaded parts of the paper emerged as sunlit highlights of her face. The darker the shadow, the brighter the highlights seemed. So, the artist created brightness by accentuating the shadows.

Our Creator started with a multidimensional region and, like the artist, treated
the light and dark differently. But, unlike the human artist, he created form by
using light.

No matter how dark our lives seem to us, no matter how far away from God we seem to be, he is only a breath away, waiting to create something bright from something dark.

If we just watch a sunrise or a sunset, if we just spend some time watching for shooting stars on a clear night, if we just admire how the moon changes color and shape over the course of a night or a year, we know God is in the business of doing beautiful things with his light. Let's let him create that light in us.