Leonardo de Vinci : Nothing shall detract from the figure of Christ

When Leonardo de Vinci was forty-three
years old, the Duke Ludovinco of Milan asked him to
paint the dramatic scene of Jesus' last supper with
his disciples.

Working slowly and giving meticulous care to details,
he spent three years on the assignment. He grouped the
disciples into threes, two groups on either side of the
central figure of Christ.

Christ's arms are outstretched. In his right hand, he
holds a cup that was painted beautifully with 
marvelous realism.

When the masterpiece was finished, the artist said to 
a friend, "Observe it and give me your opinion of it."

"It's wonderful!" exclaimed the friend, "the cup is so
real I cannot divert my eyes from it."

Immediately Leonardo took a brush and drew it across 
the sparkling cup! As he did he exclaimed, "Nothing 
shall detract from the figure of Christ!"