An Irreversible Spin

Following the crash of an Aeroflot jet in Siberia, which killed all 75 people
aboard in March of 1994, the voices heard on the recording were ones of terror! They came from a chilling scene. Apparently the pilot was giving his children a flying lesson at the time of the crash.

The transcript from the cockpit tapes reveals the desperate situation. "Daddy, can I turn this?" cried the child who was sitting in the captain's seat.

Then came the voice of the captain shouting, "Get out! Get out! More than a
dozen times he yelled out to his son who had "accidentally pushed the right
pedal, sending the aircraft into an irreversible spin."

Sometimes the choices we make seem insignificant at the time, but when we stop living the life we believe, we end up unhappily believing the life we live. In so doing we can put our life into "an irreversible spin" and unless we face the reality of our actions and call to God for help, in the long run there's no way out.