Ice-cream man

Once a  minister's five-year-old son told him that he was praying for him. Excitedly his
dad asked him, "And what did you ask God for?"

"Dear God," I prayed, "I don't want my dad to be a minister.
Will you please make him the ice-cream man because he makes
all children happy?"

We are amused by this child's prayer but I wonder sometimes
if God doesn't laugh at some of my childish (not child-like)
self-centered prayers. As someone else has said, God always
answers prayer. Sometimes the answer is "Yes," sometimes it's
"No," sometimes it's "Wait a while," and sometimes it's
"You've got to be kidding."

Like a loving father, God knows what is best for us and
answers accordingly. Of one thing we can be sure, when we
come to him through Jesus Christ our Lord with a sincere
heart, God always hears and answers our prayers one way or
another. One of the keys for getting prayers answered the
way we request them is, as the Bible says, to pray in
harmony with God's will.