Robert Moffat - Simple acts of kindness and obedience makes big difference

When Robert Moffat, Scottish missionary to Africa,
came back to recruit helpers in his homeland, he was
greeted by the fury of a very cold British winter.
Arriving at the church where he was to speak, he
noted that only a small group had braved the elements
to hear his appeal.

"Although no one responded to Moffat's call for
volunteers for mission service in Africa, the challenge
thrilled a young boy who had come to work the bellows
of the organ. Deciding that he would follow in the
footsteps of this pioneer missionary, he went on to
school, obtained a degree in medicine, married
Moffat's daughter, Mary, and spent the rest of his
life ministering to the unreached tribes of Africa.
His name: David Livingstone!"

Whatever and whenever we do "simple acts of kindness
and obedience" in Jesus' name, we may never know until
we get to heaven who and how many people will have been
reached and affected for all eternity.