The story is told about a young man who received a
ticket for a speeding violation. As he stood before
the judge, the judge found himself in a dilemma
because he knew the young man didn't have any money
to pay the fine and he didn't want to send him to jail.

However, the judge had to fine the young man $150,
which was the accepted amount for this traffic violation.
Immediately the judge handed down the sentence, he
stepped away from the bench, took off his robes, went
to the defendant and paid the fine for him.

The young man was his own son whom he loved.

That's what God's Son, Jesus Christ, did for us
on the cross of Calvary. God's justice required
death as the automatic judgment upon our sin.
However, because he loved us, the Son of God laid
aside his "judge's robes," stepped out of the
"ivory palaces" of heaven, came to earth and
identified with us as a man, and died on the cross
in our place to save us from our sins.

Because of this, God offers each of us a free pardon
with forgiveness for all our sins and gives us his
gift of eternal life. Jesus, the Son of God, paid the
"fine/penalty" for us with his life. All we need to do
is confess our sinfulness and accept his gift of
salvation—the greatest gift known to man.

"He paid a debt he didn't owe to free us from a price
we couldn't pay."

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