Making Beautiful Music

A piece of black ebony wood was being cut and broken by
a woodmaker. The wood complained but the woodmaker
desisted from bowing to the complaints. He was carving a
flute. The woodmaker seemed to be saying, 'Little piece
of wood. You think that I am hurting and abusing you but
without these holes and cutting, you would not be able
to bring others beautiful music to soothe their souls
and calm their hurts and fears for a time.'"

Pain is the great motivator. It can be and often is God's
wake-up call to help us change and grow. So who wants to
change and grow when everything is going great? Not me.
I only grow when I am uncomfortable with the way things
are or the way I am. And that's the way it's meant to be.
God wants to make "beautiful music" out of your life and
mine. It's up to us to allow him to do so. The process at
times can be painful, but the end result can be something