The Locket Of The Heart

Many years ago, it was fashionable to have a tiny container,
often in the shape of a heart, made of silver or gold and
attached to a chain around one's neck. Within the closed,
ornamental, hinged container was a picture of a loved one
or a lock of their hair -- an item so precious that it was
rarely shared with another. The ornament was carefully
locked and concealed under clothing close to the heart.
Quite recently, I discovered such a locket amongst my
sister's belongings, and nestled within the container was
a picture of her loved one.

I have discovered that it does not seem to matter how
much we try to display to the world the very best side of
our nature and disposition. So often we are
misunderstood. Our actions are misunderstood; our
words are misunderstood. Try as we might to backtrack
and reconstruct the scene and put it into perspective
with those involved, it seems to be an impossible task.

I am so glad the Bible is so down-to-earth! It tells it like it
is! Guided and directed by the gracious Holy Spirit, the
words appear in our text: "The Lord sees not as man
sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the
Lord looks on the heart."

Locked within our heart is the real meaning of our actions
and words, revealed only to the most important person in
our lives -- our heavenly Father. He sees our desires and
motives, flawed as they are.