Let the church fly or Let the church walk - Author Unknown

The story is told about an old fashioned preacher who was
preaching up a storm as he proclaimed with great enthusiasm, "Let the church walk!"

An old-timer sitting on the front pew was equally enthusiastic. He blurted out for all to hear, "Amen! Preacher. Let the church walk!"

With even greater enthusiasm the preacher responded, "Let the church run!" "Amen!" responded the brother on the front pew,
"Let the church run!"

Being greatly encouraged, the preacher cried out even
more enthusiastically, "Let the church fly!" "Amen," hollered back the man on the front pew, "Let the church fly!"

"But," said the preacher, "It takes money to make the church fly!"
"AMEN," shouted the old timer again, "Let the church walk!"
People all around us are lost. Vast numbers are headed
for a lost eternity, without Jesus and without hope, to the
place the Bible calls: "hell." Whatever and wherever hell is,
of one thing we can be sure and that is that hell is forever!

The reality is that it takes money to do God's work on earth
—to rescue people from hell. So many of us, at least in the
West, have unbelievable resources compared to so much
of the rest of the world and it has been said that less than
5% of us tithe of our income!

God has given us so much. He gave his Son, Jesus, to die
on the cross for us to give us the gift of eternal life. And in
the West, at least, he has given us incredible resources.
And why has God given us these resources? For selfish
ends? No. So we would be equipped to do God's work
around the world.

It has been said that God's work done in God's way will
not lack God's provision. However, God's way is to fund
his work through the tithes and offerings of His people.
But if the givers don't give, the doers can't do, and
the laborers in the field can't sow or reap!

If every Christian tithed there would be sufficient funds
to do all of God's work around the world.

Our check (cheque) book stubs are a pretty good
indication of how grateful we are to God for all that he
has done for us and an accurate indication of where
our hearts are.

God is calling every one of us to give and to give wisely
to what God is doing in the world today! "For," as Jesus
said, "with the measure you use, it will be measured to
you," and "the Lord loves a cheerful giver!"