Is your Loaf still on the ground?

Once upon a time a loaf of bread fell from a bakery truck and as
it hit the ground a crumb broke loose. Three sparrows all eyed the
crumb and swooped down to grab it, but began fighting over it.

Eventually one of the sparrows succeeded in scooping up the
crumb in its beak and flew away with it—hotly pursued by the
other two sparrows. A frenzied aerial fracas took place until the
crumb was completely consumed.

The only thing these sparrows saw was the crumb. None noticed
the loaf still on the ground.

How often we consume our energies squabbling over trivialities
while the true riches of life go unnoticed and escape us. And how
often we concentrate our energies on non-essential issues while
the needs of the hurting are neglected and the lost go to hell!