The Gift of Encouragement - Author Unknown

An accountant who had worked for a business for many years who committed suicide. People wondered why he took his life. When examiners reviewed the company's financial records, not a single
cent was found to be missing. Everything was in perfect order. They couldn't find any reason until they found a note he had written. It said, "In 30 years I have never had one word of encouragement. I'm fed up!"

Everybody wants to be appreciated and encouraged. So let each of us be sure we take our gift of encouragement, strengthen it through lots of practice and use, and take it with us and use it generously everywhere we go. And especially use it much at home. 

Even when Jesus healed the ten lepers and only one came back to thank him, he asked, "Where are the nine?" 

Folks, encourage one another, say thank you, help a person, smile, give a hug, Listen with an attentive ear. Help put a smile on someones  face today. God Bless. :)