Faithful in little things - Author Unknown

When former astronaut Frank Borman became head of Eastern Airlines, he was determined to make the service of his company the best in the industry. On one occasion he noticed an employee sitting with his feet perched on a desk ignoring the telephone which was ringing relentlessly.

"Aren't you going to answer the phone," Borman asked.

"This isn't my department," the employee answered without any hint of concern. "I work in maintenance." 

"Not anymore you don't," Borman barked. 

It's the person who is faithful in the little things who gets entrusted with bigger and better responsibilities.

That is true in both man's economy and God's. As Christians in the hereafter we won't be judged for our sins as Christ took that judgment on himself at Calvary. But we will be rewarded according to our
faithfulness in serving the Lord here on earth. 

It pays to be faithful and dependable in all our responsibilities. As another has said, "The greatest ability is dependability." Of equal importance is response-ability!