"A study was done by psychologist on energy levels
in children. He used an instrument he called the
'ergograph.' How he ever got some children to stand
still long enough to connect them to the machine
is a mystery. But he did, and his findings are

"He found that when tired children are given a
word of praise or encouragement, the ergograph
shows an immediate upward surge of new energy.
When the children are criticized and discouraged,
the ergograph shows their physical energy take a
sudden nosedive."

I'm sure the same principle applies to teenagers
and adults of any age. When we are genuinely
thanked, praised, and encouraged, we definitely feel
much better and energized. And when we are criticized
or just feel bad, our energy level certainly falls
and we are de-energized.

We all need to be encouraged daily ... so let's
decide that we will first of all be encouragers
ourselves especially to those we love the most,
to our friends, and also to strangers as
opportunities arise.