Breads and Eggs dropped from Heaven! by Evelyn Santos Crispino - True Story

Breads and Eggs dropped from Heaven!

It was the usual weekday morning in Singapore. I woke up, sat up and threw a swift but affectionate glance at the man lying next to me. Still in deep peaceful slumber, a rhythmic gentle snores emanates from his steady breathing.

I got off bed and managed to rummage myself out of the room since our two young
"litters" (Hope at almost 4 and Josh at 2y/o) were on the floor still soundly asleep under a pile of warm blankets and pillows.

I went straight to the kitchen, turned on the elect. water-jug for coffee and
opened the fridge for some eggs and bread. But alas, there were no eggs and no bread either! I was thoughtful for a while and wished that I could have reminded dear hubby to pick up a tray of eggs and a pack of bread on his way home the day before. Food allowance is almost drained and paycheck is still a few days hence.
No eggs and bread for a morning meal, this maybe some minor predicament I was in but I cared about the "tragedy"of not having a fairly descent breakfast for my husband who had to be off for work on that morning.

Still wishful but tried to figure out a way to fix the family's meal,then... there was this firm yet gentle knock at our front door, followed by the almost curious barks of Spotty and Milo signalling that there was someone at the door.

Hastily, I went to check the door and was greeted by a dear Malaysian friend (Serene Teo), and was I ready for this unexpected surprise? She was apologetic but said her goodbye once she handed me the huge plastic bag with packs of bread and a couple trays of fresh eggs!

I was totally dumbfounded at how quick the Lord had responded to my "minor predicament!" I was on euphoria and went "high" with praises and thanksgivings!

This sweet incident will continue to promise me God's faithful provisions, His kindness, and His keen interest down to the least miniscule details of my housewifely life.Surely, we can echo the same testimony when the psalmist said, "Trust in the Lord and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed." (Ps. 37:3). 

And similarly, "Whoso puts his trust in the Lord shall be safe." Prov. 29:25

Glory to Him from whom all blessings flow...

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