Jimmy's Last Wish - Author Unknown

The Doctor walked into the room where little Jimmy laid dying. He knew it wouldn’t be long before the little guy would be taken away. He checked the frail little body and lingered for a while. He knew little Jimmy was in a lot of pain, but still he had a smile, the doctor couldn’t understand why?

Slowly the little boy opened his eyes. He said,"Doctor if you had the chance, would you trade places with me today?" The Doctor didn’t know how to answer and didn’t know what to say, of course the doctor didn’t want to trade places with Jimmy. Jimmy said, "Doctor if I had the chance, I wouldn’t trade places with you."

Jimmy said, How old are you Doctor, how many souls have you won? The Doctor bowed his head, he had to admit not even one. The little boy said, I have won 9 souls in all. But I just had a birthday and now I’m 10, I wish that I could save just one more before I die and go to heaven, that would be one soul saved for each year of my life.

The Doctor left the hospital with a very heavy heart, all he was trying to save were bodies, this little boy was saving the only part of people that really counts, their souls. Around midnight he got a call that Jimmy’s condition was worse, he rushed over to be with Jimmy. The nurse met him at the door and told him that he was too late, Jimmy had already died. She said before he died, he left a message just for you, He said tell my friend the doctor, I have gone to be with Jesus and some one else will have work on saving him, I didn’t have enough time.

The doctor walked into the room where little Jimmy’s body laid, he bowed his head to pray, with tears streaming down his face, the nurse heard him say "Jimmy, I couldn’t do anything to save you, it was you that done the saving here tonight, I am # 10, Jesus granted your last wish and allowed you to save me too, I know Jesus now."

Original Author Unknown rewritten by Johnny lee Hall