The doll spoke - A Must Read Story

There’s a girl who argued with her boyfriend, because she asked for a ring on her birthday, but instead her boyfriend gave her a talking doll. Out of anger and frustration the girl threw the doll away. The doll landed on the street, but her boyfriend run as fast as he could to save the doll, then suddenly an approaching car hit him which caused his sudden death. However he was still able to save the doll. During the guy’s burial, his girlfriend was crying while holding the doll, the guy gave him as a birthday present. As the girl was crying while grabbing the doll tight, the doll suddenly spoke with a recorded voice of his boyfriend saying; “will you marry me? Please take the ring in the doll’s pocket hope you like it. I love you so much!”

Love and cherish the People God put in your life 
because, One day, He will need them back. 
Just like the guy in the story, Jesus loves us no matter how stubborn and hotheaded we are or in short “sinners”(Romans 5:8). Also, just like the guy in the story Jesus is offering us a gift; Salvation. Which most of us constantly rejects, just because like the girl in the story we are always expecting something else from Him. Something we want like things that will make our lives worthwhile in this world (e.g. wealth, fame and power). And because of our stubbornness, like the girl we lead our lover, Jesus to his own death, on the cross at Golgotha. However unlike in the story, Jesus death wasn’t the end of everything. In fact it was just the beginning, only if we like the girl suddenly realizes our true condition our flaws or sins which made us unworthy of God’s love (Romans 3:10). And that this realization leads us to repentance (Acts 3:19). Because, although unworthy, God still loves us (John 3:16) and His gift of salvation due to His grace is always available to us through Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9). All we need to do is accept it from Him, by confessing with our lips that Jesus is Lord and believing whole heartedly that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9-10). Because when we accept Jesus in our hearts, we might still not receive everything that we want. But what we would be receiving is the greatest gift anyone could receive from anyone they love. It is Salvation; forgiveness of all our sins, a secure place in God’s kingdom, everlasting joy in His presence, and the end of all sorrow.