The Easter Fisherman - written by: Johnny Lee Hall

A man went to the edge of the waters at Grayson Lake and cast out his line. After a little while, another man came along and started fishing beside of him. The first man reeled in a large Bass, then he took out the hook, and turned the fish loose. The second man said, I can’t believe what you did, that was the largest Bass I’ve ever seen. The first man said, I’m not fishing for Bass, but if I reel in anymore Bass, you can have them.

About a minute later the first man reeled in a large Catfish. He took the hook out and turned the fish loose. The second man came up to him and said You done it again? The first man said I’m not fishing for Catfish, If I reel in another one you can have it. The second man said, Do you mind telling me what you are using for bait? The first man said, Easter. The second said, Easter, do you mean Easter eggs or Easter candy or something? The first man said No, Easter. Then he reeled in a carp.

The second man didn’t like carp, so he said nothing when the first man turned it loose. He watched as the first man cast out an empty hook. The second man said, Hey! You forgot the bait, you can’t catch anything without baiting the hook. The first man said, Yes I know. The first man said, Do you know about Easter?

The second man said, I know all about Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and the Easter Bunny, everybody know’s that stuff. The first man explained that Easter was not about eggs or baskets or even a cute little bunny rabbit. Easter is about Christ rising on the 3rd day after dying on the cross for your sins and mine.

He pulled out his pocket Bible and read to the second man from Luke Chapter 23 and 24. He witnessed to the man and told him about Christ and how to be saved. The second man turned his life over to Christ. The first man said, Now you know what to fish for.

The second man came for fish, and found Jesus. Everyday Jesus feeds millions, why go away empty inside when there is so much to fill you. Jesus gives freely to all that ask.

written by: Johnny lee Hall 4-5-2000