Maillet By: Richard

During serving the Lord, the problem of sin entered in. Inner turmoil abounde, a gulf between fellow Christians and the backslider occurred. Rejection by Gods' people granted us alienation, the one's you'de expect to stick by.

We are now on our own. Angers power placed us on a path where the light was quenched. The old nature opened its arms to us, regretably, we did the same. Destruction is within, longing to be back on the path of the Lord - He seems so far away. we're now alone.

While having a few drinks of wine, I look back and remember. Walking with the Lord, there was nothing to interfere. But something happened. My focus on Christ disappeared. My eyes filled with darkness, looking at the so-called Christianity. I then take another drink.

There is a way out, it will be figured out. With the guidance of the Lord, I will be renewed once again.