A desperate man - Testimony Of a Believer - Author Unknown

There was a man who had everything you could want, everything but happiness and hope. He had a good business and more money than he could count, houses all over the world, and owned an island in the South Pacific Ocean. He had a loving wife and four children, two boys and two girls. He was constantly putting on parties and all sorts of affairs trying to find what his younger brother already had. You see his younger brother had been ask to become a partner in the company several years earlier but turn it down because he was already a partner in something bigger. 
The younger brother did not own a fancy house instead he and his wife rented a small three-bedroom house in the country where they were raising their three children, one son and two daughters. The younger brother was happy with his life; he had everything he needed. You see the younger brother had found Jesus Christ and was living life the way God wanted him to. 
The older brother could not understand how his younger brother could possibly be content with the life he had chose, little or no money, always struggling to make ends meet. The older brother thought that money was the answer to all the troubles in this world; he thought that if you had enough money you could buy happiness. He was wrong the more he gained the more he wanted and happiness seemed to elude him at every turn. 
He began to search elsewhere in places like bars and nightclubs. He even started looking at other women thinking that maybe that is where I’ll find happiness but all that did was cost him more grief. The younger brother had tried for years to get his big brother to go to Church but he refused saying that there was nothing for him in a Church; to him Church meant giving his money to a bunch people that were to lazy to work. 
As time passed the older brother found out that he had cancer and was dying, the soaring medical cost was fast depleting his resources, and because of the turmoil he was going through he drove a wedge between himself and his wife and kids. Soon his wife told him she was leaving until he could get thing strait in his life. His company began to suffer large losses and he became more depressed. The younger brother tried again to get him in Church without any luck. A year went by with things getting worse every day and then the news the older brother dreaded most came; his money had ran out, his company was bankrupt and he had lost his island and all of the houses. 
Now broke, alone and desperate with nowhere to turn he went to his younger brother for help, he found out for the first time just how happy his brother really was. He was welcomed and his younger brother went out of his way to make him comfortable. He began to see God working in his brothers life, how he prayed twice a day and before every meal. And he noticed that his younger brother always prayed for him, and he also noticed how his health seemed to be getting better. When his younger brother left for Church one Sunday he found a Bible lying on the coffee table, he picked it up and began reading it. As he read in the New Testament about Jesus he could feel God touching his heart but he thought, “ I am not worthy of God’s love” yet he could not put down the Bible. 
When the younger brother and his family came in from Church they found him sitting on the couch holding the Bible crying. The younger brother went to his big brother and asks if he had found what he had been searching for, Christ. The answer was yes and he explained how God had touched him while he was reading. He told about the joy and sadness he felt, sadness that he had wasted so much time and joy that he had found Jesus. The younger ask him if he would come to Church with the family that night, he agreed. Once they got to Church that evening the older brother could not believe how much he felt the presents of God. It was hard for him to contain his emotions as God let the light into his life. At the end of the service even before the Pastor started the invitation he was on his way down the isle of the Church, almost in a run, he could wait no longer. When he had confessed his sins and accepted Jesus into his heart he made a promise to serve God. 
Two years later the younger brother still lives in the rented house and is now a deacon in the small Church where he saw his brother saved. The older brother is now a minister who travels around helping desperate men and women find what he had over looked for so many years. 

Colossians 1:13-14 
For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.