A Day in the Country - Author Unknown

A week off! After almost two years of steady work, helping out my parents and making sure that Jimmy, my five year old son was healthy and well, I finally got my boss to give me a whole week’s vacation!

I love working as a computer analyst at Corp International, but enough is enough and besides, the weather was wonderful and I wanted to take Jimmy to a beautiful park, just five miles away from where we live.

After getting some work done inside our home, I grabbed our cooler with some delicious sandwiches inside, made sure Jimmy was ready and then we were off!

As we pulled out of the drive way we saw our neighbor, James Whitfield, an elderly man who lived by himself in  the neighborhood, and a very fast chipmunk making its way toward Mr. Whitfield’s huge elm tree. Both Mr. Whitfield and the chipmunk  looked like they were on a mission—a mission to enjoy the day.

We continued our drive and soon found ourselves at the park. There were many cars and people there and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves—laughing and relaxing.

The sandbox was empty, except for a little girl, who seemed to be having a wonderful time, filling up her pail with sand and making small mounds out of the sand and laughing each time she made one.

Jimmy almost ran to the sandbox and behind him, I quickly followed.

It was a glorious day and everyone seemed so happy. I sat close by as Jimmy played with the sand and I noticed that he and the little girl quickly began making small mounds of sand and laughing all the way…

About an hour later an older boy arrived with his father and from the very beginning, I could tell he was going to be a problem. He walked over to Jimmy and the little girl, pointed at them and began laughing. It wasn’t a friendly laugh, but a sarcastic and rude laugh.

The strange and mean acting little boy’s father left, once he saw that someone older—me—was there.

The boy continued to be rude and was began pushing Jimmy and the little girl.

Well, I wasn’t about to stand for that, so I thought of what to do. I’m not normally a vengeful person, so I asked politely at first, “Please stop that! You could hurt them!

He looked at me, smiled sarcastically and began pushing the two children again.

I remembered that I had a rubber band  inside my purse, so I took it out and positioned it like I used to when I was in elementary school, pulled back part of t he rubber band, aimed it at the boy’s lower left leg and fired!

He yelled, looked around, trying to find out who did it, but could see no one. I, of course, was standing close by and looking totally innocent and said, “Problem? Is there a problem?

He began to cry and yelled, “Daddy! Daddy! Someone hit me!

That was the last I saw of the little tyke and once again Jimmy and the little girl had peace and resumed their beautiful piles of sand…..

All rights reserved to: Copyrighted 2008 to Toni Star