A Saviours Return - Ruth Castillo

Silence in the air,
No one seems to care,
Angels sent to sound
fire raged to the ground
a third of the tree's were not found
first there was a flood
now the sea's are full of blood
They're sitting there starting to jitter
a third of the river became bitter
they look to the heaven's above
This time there wont be a white dove
the sky's have darkened
their father Satan is helpless
sent to his prison for life
as they were about to become torments prey
a third of mankind killed by my lovely guardians
three plagues it took to find they've done wrong
but some still had longing for sin
death was there only chance to win
all this happened while I sat with god
no time left to repent for your souls are gone
No more tears, grief, or sorrow
Now it's forever no use for tomorrow!