Mommy Think Twice - Erica Meadows

Its only the first month,
and now I am only a seed,
so keep healthy mommy
cause your good health I will need.

You went to the doctor today
and you listened to my heart beat
and through the little monitor
you saw my hands and feet.

Another month has passed,
and I have already got a name,
once I come into your life mommy,
It will never be the same.

One more month has passed,
and now the month is three,
mommy I'm getting so much bigger,
you're gonna be so proud of me.

What has happened mommy?
I am already in month four
and I overheard you tell the doctor,
that you don't want me anymore.

Now I'm four and a half months
and I can finally open an eye.
My body is growing fast
but it's not too long before I die.

A few more weeks have passed
and now the week is twenty-seven.
Its only a few more days
and I will be in heaven.

I am in heaven mommy
and now the month is nine,
now you can see for yourself
that I would have been just fine.

Go on with your life mommy
and pretend I was never there
cause deep down in my heart
I know that you still care.

If I had one wish mommy,
I would wish to be with you
and if I had a chance
there's nothing I wouldn't do

I hope you've learned from you mistakes
and I only wish you knew
that even though you took my life, mommy
I will always love you!