A Little Witness - Ian

I taught swimming lessons to children for many years. Children love to learn when the lesson is fun. I in turn made every effort to make the learning as enjoyable as possible. I don't have to brag when I say that the children I was blessed with teaching became skilled exceedingly fast.
On the other hand, putting so much effort into making it fun for kids usually tired me out. The week that this story happened I had been very tired and run down. I had been praying to the Lord for a little energy and strength. I would like to tell you about one little girl that I will never forget.
Her name was Hannah. She was about four years old, and she had no fear. She would jump and dive. She would paddle like all heck and go under water. For those of you that don't know, four year olds generally can't do these things. I never cared what age they were. I expected them to do wonders. And most of the time they did. We just need to love them and push them. Like I said before, I was blessed to be a teacher and love what I did.
One day I was just sitting on the side of the pool watching them have free time for the last five minutes of class. Hannah paddled over on her noodle (what we called these foam things that looked like noodles). She then asked me, "What do you believe?"
Now I was surprised by this question and I literally didn't know what to say. I think I blurted out something like, "I believe many things."
Before I could say much else she continued, "God died for us," in a very matter a fact way. She then looked at me kind of funny, like I was so mixed up. Then she paddled off almost oblivious to what she had just said and proceeded to use her free time. Let me tell you that I have never been hit by the Lord with such power before or since. Energy and strength literally welled up in me and I was set for weeks with a full tank. That was my last summer teaching water skills.
As I look back at this little episode I think of what a pivotal role it has made in my path with God. I thank the Lord for little Hannah's heart of gold. May the Lord guide her as well as she has helped to guide me.
Thank you Lord for answering prayers right when we need them. For giving us strength to wait patiently for those times. Thank you for letting us strengthen each other as Hannah did to me. To the glory of your holy name. In Jesus we pray, Amen.