Judge and Be Judged - Rachel Latner

I judged you today; you didn't fit my image of how you should act.
I wasted a whole day thinking you should have done it this way.
I couldn't talk to my Father because my mind was completely absorbed in what
I wanted you to be like.

I didn't have the joy my Father promises.
I just couldn't think about that now.
You were in the wrong.
I picked up the word trying to prove I was right, then I saw it.

Judge and you shall be judged, condemn and you shall be condemned.
On the outer side I had written --Release---
I started wondering what could this mean, Release?

I thought and I thought then it came to me.
When I judge you I put myself in prison,
When I condemn you I lock myself up.
I don't talk to Jesus; I don't intercede for hurting people,
I don't smile. I put myself in an emotional bondage.

So for today I will release you and me.
We are both to live our lives imitating our Father.
Today I didn't, please forgive me.
I love you your way,
and my way,
But especially
His Way.