Jesus Is The Key - Yoli Blando

I promise to keep my purity for God's time.
I can do this with Christ who strengthens me.
Sufficient is God's grace.
I promise to wait on God.
I will seek him in the morning and all day.
I will trust my Lord Jesus and obey.
I will kiss no other man but you.
I pray God forbid me from evil.
I will allow God to prepare me for you.
God holds the key of my heart.
He knows exactly whom to give it.
Dear man of God, I believe in you.
I believe that God will bring us together.
I will not listen to ungodly council.
But I will open my ears to the people who point me to God.
"Let integrity and uprightousness preserve me, 
preserve me, for I wait for you." (Ps.25:21)
Keep me pure everyday. Jesus help me.