I Took The Wrong Road - Lorie Beth

As I came to a turning point in my life 
I knew what I was doing was not right

I felt as if a door was locked shut tight 
No way to get out try as I might

I did some wrong things that I never would dream 
But right then and there good is what it seemed

Everyday I sit back and try to enjoy the good things 
But every time in my head old memories ring

I want to break a chain which my problem binds me 
But everyway I look hopelessness is what I see

I was dragging all my problems heavily down the road with me 
At last I found Jesus which was the key

With his everlasting love he broke the chains that once held me down
It was such a burden lifted off my shoulders that a spun all around

As I look back now compassion is what I see 
I see the love that Jesus gave to me

He took my life and place me on the right track
I never ever want to go back

Now that I am on the right road
I feel so much better after Jesus lifted that load

Jesus loves me and all of us 
To go to heaven Jesus is a must

He can straighten you out 
And but you back on the right route

Now I am on the right road