God's Awesomeness - Rebecca Grant

Think of your anatomy 
How your eyes adjust to light 
How they will close and open 
According to dark or bright

Think of all the tiny veins 
How delicately they're made 
Pumping oxygen and blood 
Your beating heart is their aid

Who could have made a body 
That could heal on its own 
When you get a cut or scratch 
It can heal all alone

You can take your intestines 
And can stretch them for a mile 
They're packed, perfectly inside 
And protected all the while

How bones grow in the body 
From a baby to adult It's all in perfect balance 
A miracle's the result 
How perfectly we are formed

From our head down to our toes 
No human could have done it 
It's only our Lord who knows 
For if we did attempt it

We'd leave something vital out 
I think it is to show us 
What God's powers' all about 
We can take a simple seed

And plant it within the ground 
Still don't know just how it grows 
The results will be profound 
Ponder on God's awesomeness

Can we think 
He don't exist? 
How could something such as this
Be so easily dismissed?