Dear Jesus - Sherry Ramey

Dear Jesus, It's me again I'm down on my knees praying to you for forgiveness. My life has been miserable since I left you. I have done some terrible things. I hope and pray that you'll ask God our Father to forgive me. I never want to see or hear from the Devil again. He has talked me into hating, to cheat, steal,use fowl language, drink,and among some terrible things that I can't mention. You all ready know what I done out in sin. I want to be a true Christian. I want others to see my Light shine for you Jesus.

Happiness is what I want. A Christian home again. I want to go to Heaven to wear a white robe and live by the still waters that flow with Milk and Honey. Where I will never hurt or cry no more. Jesus please help me with my battle with the Devil. I'm so sorry for every Sin that I've ever done. I want to serve the Lord until the day I die. I accept Jesus as my Personal Savior. I know he died and rose again I know he Loves me and I love him with all my Heart. Jesus I love you please forgive me in Jesus name I pray! AMEN