Crucify Him! The Old New Story - John Urs

"But they shouted, saying, "Crucify Him, crucify Him!" Luke 23:21

Today I've red the news headlines and I saw another attempt to lower and disqualify Christianity and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Solomon says in Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under sun. It was the same story in Jesus' times and in the early church time.

Jesus was not condemned for something He has done, but for who He was. It is the same thing that is bothering the people now as then. It is a struggle to rob Jesus of His divinity and to destroy the Christian faith and the Christian church so the Holy Spirit will not be anymore opposition in front of the antichrist. It is a spiritual battle to destroy the faith and its ethical values, to remove the eternal truth and replace it with the relativism and humanism.

It is something new? No! More than 50 years communism tried to destroy the Christian faith and brought a bunch of "scientifically arguments" to prove that Bible is a fiction and Jesus didn't exist. Did communism succeed? No!

Right now in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world Christians are persecuted and they hear the same story as we hear in USA: "Jesus was just a human. Jesus didn't exists." They can't defend themselves theologically or apologetically, but they are ready to say the truth with their own life.

Are this people, who claim that they have discovered that Jesus was a liar, ready to die for their belief? It's not worth for me to waste my time to answer logically to their fictional claim (other scholars already done that very well), but my intention is to remind you Christians that we have to be awake and we have to be ready to prove with our life and death if it is necessary that our Precious Lord is ALIVE.

Real Christianity was never popular and since the beginning the religious institutions, the state and the mobs fought against Christians. There was a Nero, there was a Stalin and many others that persecuted God's children, why do we think that today would be different? Isn't Bible the Word of God? Isn't Bible the Truth? Why do we think that what Jesus and the apostle Paul said should not happen now in USA?

"For if they do these things in the green wood, what will be done in the dry?" Lk.23:31

"Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." 2 Tim 3:16

My dear friends and brothers it is time for us to count the cost and be ready to see our Lord coming soon...and all of those who love the Lord should say: Maranatha!

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