The Boy - Ricki Danielle Foster

I was walking home from school one day
when I saw a young boy crying. 
When I asked what was wrong, 
He said, "I'm Dying."

I sat down and we talked a while
not even knowing each other's name.
He told me how he'd always been bad
and how he'd played his life like a game.

He said, "my mother goes to church
and lives like a woman should.
I just thought I'd live forever...
be invincible if I could."

He told me about the Violence;
using guns in place of words.
He told me how he'd joined a gang
and beat people up on curbs.

He told me about the drugs
and how they gave him the ultimate high.
How he'd wake up on the street corners and watch the cars pass him by.

He told me about the sex.
with anyone, anytime, anywhere.
he'd heard about AIDS...
but he didn't even care.

He told me about the doctors 
and how thwy explained STD's.
Then he told me how bad it felt
to be called positive HIV.

Soon, a man came up to us.
"What's wrong my child," he said.
I looked up and with tears in my eyes
I gently replied..."He's Dead."