An Angel Named Howard - Author Unknown

Katherine was having a bad day and luckily a good friend and accountability partner of hers, Mary, noticed and wanted to talk about it.
They were talking about her feeling of loneliness. Katherine just really didn't feel special to anyone, but she knew that God was special through her to many people everyday. She knew God loved her, but she just desired to know that someone on earth loved her for who she is.
Then a man came into the room in which they were speaking. He threw some trash away and left. The two women continued their conversation and the man returned to throw more trash away.

Katherine noticed the man this time. He was about 6'4", with crystal blue eyes, and golden curls on his head. She remarked that she really liked his hair. The man laughed and then he told Katherine of how much he used to hate his hair-how he permed it straight once, and by 24 hours it was curly again...Katherine laughed with him because she also struggled with her wavy hair and freckles. He commented that he liked her freckles and her eyes.

Katherine asked her new friend what his name was. He replied that it was Howard. He was just visiting the area for the day and he would soon return home to England. Katherine told him that she used to live in England and they began to speak of how the cultures differed. He remarked that most English people were introverts and that it took a while for them to be comfortable talking with strangers.

Mary watched this whole conversation and she and Katherine were sad to see Howard go when his friend came down to find him. Howard said he was glad to have met the two ladies and he gave them each 2 kisses-one on each cheek, as he parted.

Katherine and Mary giggled about this "chance" encounter and then Mary really spoke to Katherine's heart....She said, "Katherine, don't you realize that was exactly what you needed? (Katherine was beaming and obviously in a much better mood than before she met Howard)...Howard did not even know you, yet you took the time to tell a total stranger that you liked something about him. It was your spirit he was attracted to and that led the two of you into a conversation...all those little things (the things God has blessed you with to make you the unique person that you are) Howard noticed and complimented you on.. He also touched you and God knows that touch is special to you....He spoke of how introverted British people are, yet look at how un-introverted he was....Katherine, Howard was a gift from God."

Katherine felt a warm smile creep up from the bottom of her heart as she realized that Howard looked just like what she always pictured angels to look like, he did give her an innocent kiss (and she hadn't been kissed in a long time), and he did really make her feel special and loved for who she is, and so she thanked God right then and there for her friend, "Howard the angel."

Call it coincidence, or call it a spiritual encounter...I for one, know that angels are among us....God sends angels to work through people who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose to those who are sensitive to the Spirit, and I am SO glad He does.

The Bible declares that God knew you before you were even formed in your
mother's womb. God loves you and has a special purpose for your life. 
You may feel discouraged at times because you lack certain things, but
encourage yourself in the Lord and know that He is aware of everything that
you are in need of. The Bible says that God knows what we need even before
we ask Him. These words may seem repetitive and you may have heard them
many times before, but please take them to heart and know that God is aware
of your every need. His timing may not be in tune with our timetable, but
trust and know that God's timing is much better than ours can ever be.
(Jeremiah 1:5) (Jeremiah 29:11) (Matthew 6:7-8) (Isaiah 55:8-9)

I encourage you again to never doubt your abilities and strengths. Stand
strong in the Lord and know that you are more than a conqueror through 
Christ. Be encouraged and look at your days with a positive perspective 
and recognize how special and loved you really are. (Romans 8:35-39)

Read and meditate on these scriptures:

Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before 
thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a
prophet unto the nations."

Hebrews 13:1-2 "Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain
strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

Psalm 55:22 "Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain thee: He
shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."

Psalm 37:3-5 "Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the  
land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and
He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the
LORD; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass."