The Formula - Joseph Jo

This is the main formula that we have to follow.

What is Infinite?? 

As we know it is a mathematical language like thing.But what is the meaning of it? It means that it starts from 0 and till the infinite.

But why am i saying this?This is what God laied in my heart.Infinite has a meaning when it starts from the first number 0.But a small trick or a thought.

Here "0" is DEVIL,numbers are people in the world,infinite is "you",and "1" is God.

How do you do it? In this spiritual life there are no aditions only multiplication's.How? 

Add 0*1=0.That means devil deeds cannot be compared with God! Lets take the other numbers too  0*2=0.

hahaha the devil is still alone! You see the devil is forever alone unless You add to 0. 

Its like this 1+0*2=2 so what did u understand in this? You added Jesus to the '0' devil and into a person.What is the ans?? Its 2 that means when you add Jesus you will see your real image!

Next what is infinite then? 

It gets a meaning when you say 1,2,3,4.....infinite. But if you just say  its infinite. No one will understand it. 

Now if you multiply anything to 0 it always give 0 Now multiply with 1 and you get 1*!nice! and the other numbers too1*3=3 cool! You get one more ans.

Now 1*infinte=infinte.Now infinite has a meaning that it has all numbers with it and 0 is first in it,but its waste,but number 1 is second but its best.


If you put the devil first it has a name to represent that is first number is 0. You cannot say last number is zero.

So First God. Now what is the use of only Multiplying??

you can say we will add You cant have 16 unless it comes from the first number. Multiply all numbers with 1. 

So that the number 1 shows the value of the multiplied number a image of the multiplied number.

So all believers in CHRIST bring people to 1 it will only multiply and gives the image of Jesus Christ. Do it and you  will see a big smile on the face of the one who is in your heart. :) God Bless.