Bonny's Bunny - Author Unknown

A friend of mine was sitting in the living room one day when his cat dragged in a little "gift" in its mouth - a dead animal of some sort. Taking a closer look, he was dismayed to recognize the dead animal to be a bunny that belonged to a little girl who lived next door. Her name was Bonny. My friend felt terrible, believing his cat had killed Bonny's bunny.

My quick-thinking friend came up with a plan. Removing from the cat's mouth the dead animal, which by now was a dirty mess, he put it in the kitchen sink. With a little warm water and some shampoo, he tried to clean up the dead bunny as best he could. 

Then he took a hair dryer (a "hare dryer" actually) and blow-dried the bunny until it looked pretty good.

Finally, he took the dead bunny out to the neighbor's rabbit hutch and placed it back in the cage. He kind of fluffed him up so that he looked very natural there in his little box.

The next morning, my friend looked out the window and noticed a crowd of people gathered around the rabbit hutch. Everyone seemed to be talking and pointing. My friend decided to go over and act like any normal curious neighbor and find out what was going on.

When he got there, Bonny's mother said to my friend, "You won't believe what has happened! It's a miracle! Bonny's bunny passed away a few days ago, and we buried that little bunny right over there..."


Have you ever tried to cover up one sin with another? Covering up only makes matters worse. When we get caught doing something wrong, for example, we may attempt to cover it up with a lie. But just like Bonny's bunny, the result is never what we expected. 

We end up looking foolish. We would have been better off admitting we were wrong and accepting the consequences.